Your A-Pro inspector visually inspects and reports on the home’s windows. Your report will contain the type of and material used for the windows, as well the performance of a representative number of the home’s windows as they relate to operability and hardware. A home’s windows are a key component of the overall building system. Once they are completely installed it is impossible to determine framing practices and proper flashing. Therefore, your A-Pro inspector will rely on visual indicators to assist in determining window performance. Specifically, your A-Pro inspector will be looking for and noting deficiencies relating to:

  • Glazing
  • Weather Stripping
  • Safety Glass Locations
  • Emergency Egress Compliance
Aluminum/Aluminum-Clad 15 to 20
Double-Pane 8 to 20
Skylights 10 to 20
Window Glazing 10+
Vinyl/Fiberglass Windows 20 to 40
Wood 30+
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