Lead Paint Inspection

lead paint home inspection

The use of Lead Paint in homes was eliminated in 1978.  If your home was built prior to 1978 getting an Inspection specifically to detect lead paint could be advisable but is absolutely critical before you do any type of home improvement projects that require even mild demolition.  Many of our A-Pro locations are certified in lead paint inspection.

The health implications associated with lead paint are serious, the toxins from lead paint are most dangerous when the paint is disturbed in some manner and the dust particles infused with lead come in contact with people. Children and women who are pregnant or may become pregnant are the most susceptible to the negative effects associated with high lead exposure.


Where can lead be found in your home:

  • In homes in the city, county and suburbs;
  • In household dust. Dust can pick up lead from failing lead-based paint and from soil tracked into a home;
  • On the interior and exterior of the homes;
  • In the soil from one place to another of a home.
  • In drinking water. Your home might have plumbing that uses lead pipes or lead bonding. Call your local Dept. of Health department or water supplier to find out about testing your water. You cannot see, smell or taste lead, and boiling your water will not get rid of lead.
  • If you think your plumbing might have lead in it:
    • Use only cold water for drinking and cooking.
    • Run water for 15 to 30 seconds before drinking it, especially if you have not used your water for a few hours.
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