Interior Systems Inspection 

Inspecting the interior of a home is an important component of the home inspection process. Your A-Pro inspector closely checks for safety issues and looks for indications of problems with installation, structure or water penetration. An interior analysis provides our clients with a written visual opinion of the home interior’s performance, including:

  • Ceilings and Floors
  • Doors (Interior and Exterior)
  • Walls
  • Windows
  • Stairs (if applicable)
  • Fireplace and Chimney
  • Cosmetic items are not noted in your A-Pro report unless they relate to a more potentially significant problem.

Ceilings and Floors

Your A-Pro Home inspector examines and reports on the ceilings and floors, primarily focusing on structural integrity and water penetration. Bathrooms and kitchen floors and ceilings receive special attention.

All Wood Floors 100+
Bamboo 100+
Brick Pavers 100+
Carpet 8 to 10
Concrete 50+
Engineered Wood 50+
Exotic Wood 100+
Granite 100+
Laminate 15 to 25
Linoleum 25
Marble 100+
Other Domestic Wood 100+
Slate 100
Terrazzo 75+
Tile 75 to 100
Vinyl 25



Your A-Pro inspector examines and reports on interior and exterior doors.

While inspecting exterior doors, your inspector checks weather tightness, lock reliability, glass panes and thresholds. In addition, garage doors are inspected for fire safety compliance as well as personal safety compliance related to automated door openers and springs.

  •  While inspecting interior doors, your inspector answers the following:
  • Do doors provide privacy and noise reduction?
  • Do doors provide for adequate air flow between spaces?
  • Are doors free from binding?
  • Do the hardware and latching mechanisms work properly?
  • Interior doors that do not operate properly can be an indication of structural movement of the home.
Closet (interior) 100+
Fiberglass (exterior) 100+
Fire-Rated Steel (exterior) 100+
French (interior) 30 to 50


Your A-Pro inspector visually inspects the interior walls. Interior walls are generally covered, making insulation, plumbing and electrical items behind these walls impossible to inspect. When examining interior walls, your inspector will be primarily focused on structural movement and installation deficiencies.


Your A-Pro inspector visually inspects and reports on the home’s windows. Your report will contain the type of and material used for the windows, as well the performance of a representative number of the home’s windows as they relate to operability and hardware. A home’s windows are a key component of the overall building system. Once they are completely installed it is impossible to determine framing practices and proper flashing. Therefore, your A-Pro inspector will rely on visual indicators to assist in determining window performance. Specifically, your A-Pro inspector will be looking for and noting deficiencies relating to:

  • Glazing
  • Weather Stripping
  • Safety Glass Locations
  • Emergency Egress Compliance
Aluminum/Aluminum-Clad 15 to 20
Double-Pane 8 to 20
Skylights 10 to 20
Window Glazing 10+
Vinyl/Fiberglass Windows 20 to 40
Wood 30+

Stairways (interior and exterior)

Your family’s safety is a top priority at A-Pro. We understand that home accidents relating to stairways occur frequently. Your A-Pro inspector visually inspects and reports on stairways in and outside the home, making note of deficiencies in:

  • Clearance
  • Landings
  • Lighting
  • Railings, Balusters, Spindles and Guards
  • Risers and Tread

Fireplace and Chimney

Your A-Pro inspector visually examines and reports on fireplaces and chimneys. Please note that the inspection does not include testing of the draft. A-Pro recommends that yearly fireplace/chimney maintenance be conducted by a certified professional. In addition, a certified professional should inspect the fireplace/chimney before using the first time.

The chimney/fireplace inspection includes an examination of visible and accessible components, including:

  • Firebox
  • Hearth Extension
  • Fuel Source
  • Combustion Air Source
  • Doors, Circulating Fan
  • Lintel
  • Damper
  • Flue
  • Fire Blocking at Attic Penetration
  • Chimney Crown
  • Cap
  • Spark Arrester
  • Cricket
  • Safe Roof Clearances
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