mason home inspectors in Ohio

Not all Mason home inspectors in Ohio are the same. So how can you be confident that you’re hiring the right one?

Whether you’re buying, selling, or just checking on your home’s condition, here are five key questions to ask: 

mason home inspectors in Ohio1) Are you certified and insured? CHI® (Certified Home Inspector) and or PHI® (Professional Home Inspector) certifications are important, but they’re actually not required. These prestigious certifications will assure you that your inspector has undergone more than 500+ hours of education and advanced training, ensuring that your inspection is thorough and reliable. PHI® certified inspectors take it a step further. They’re also required to carry Errors and Omissions Insurance coverage. So find out if your inspector has a PHI® designation behind his name. 

mason home inspectors2) Are you ISHI® certified? Make sure your inspector is ISHI® (International Society of Home Inspectors) certified. ISHI® standards exceed all others in 14 vitally important ways. Here are some critical checkpoints only required for ISHI inspections: foundation, furnace heat exchanger, all accessible doors and windows, installed built-in appliances, all accessible outlets and more. Additionally, ISHI® written reports include positive attributes of the home.

 top rated mason home inspectors3) Do you inspect the foundation? Most don’t. In fact, if they say yes, be sure to ask them how they inspect it. They should use a foundation level device to take measurements throughout the house to determine the levelness of the foundation. These measurements are then recorded on a diagram – included on a NTS CAD drawing – showing any uneven foundation settlement.   

 home inspections in mason4) What if a potential problem is found during the inspection? This may be hard to believe, but if a potential problem is found during an inspection, most inspectors will tell you to call an electrician, roofer, or plumber for further evaluation. With A-Pro, you will NEVER need to call a third party, saving you time, money, and hassle with our “no further evaluation guarantee™.” 

 Home Inspection mason Ohio5) What happens if you miss something during an inspection? With most inspectors, you will have to pay for repairs and replacements – even if the problem was missed during the inspection. Their evaluation is little more than an opinion. When you choose A-Pro, you receive this pledge: “If we don’t report it, we repair it™” at our own expense, for covered claims up to 120 days.

A-Pro Mason home inspectors discover electrical problems in resale home

Beware! A-Pro Mason home inspectors in Ohio reveal dangerous electrical problems

Have additional questions?

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