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Common Issues with Flashing – Part 3

In the third part of our series on the importance of flashing in a home, we move from the roof to other parts of the structure, where this critical tool for preventing water damage is often neglected. Certified inspectors, like those at A-Pro Home Inspection, will report on lack of flashing in key spots, as […]

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Common Issues with Flashing – Part 2

In Part 1 of our series on the importance of roof flashing, we looked at some general defects (corrosion; and loose, missing, damaged, and misaligned pieces); poor installation practices; and issues with step, headwall, sidewall, and valley flashing. Today, we turn our attention to flashing for a masonry-constructed chimney, one of the most common areas […]

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Common Issues with Flashing – Part 1

Flashing is one of the elements of a well-built house that doesn’t draw much attention until it goes bad, as it’s often known to do (there are a number of reasons for this that we’ll discuss below). If you think you’ve found the right property in your search for a new home, you should be […]

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Nine Questions to Ask When Finding a Home Inspector

Hiring a home inspector shouldn’t be a simple matter of doing a Google search and picking the top name that pops up on the screen. You wouldn’t choose a doctor or dentist in this manner—and the same applies to finding the right home inspector, whether you’re a seller in need of a pre-listing inspection or […]

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Wet Basements from a Home Inspector’s Perspective

Viewing a basement for the first time—whether cluttered with junk or furnished with pool table and wet bar—often evokes one very familiar question from home-shoppers looking over a potential property: Does it get wet when it rains? It’s an important question that can highlight a number of trouble spots in a home. This condition is […]

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